Armor your business with the NobelBiz Shield.

Maximize the protection of the Shield with the features of LocalTouch®, SingleTouch®, MobileTouch™ or RightTouch® to take your call center efforts to a new level faster and more efficiently.

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Unified Contact Center Solutions


Improve Contact Rates with LocalTouch®

Automatically present a local number to the called party that’s more familiar to them, significantly increasing customer contact and list penetration by at least 30%. GUARANTEED.

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  • LocalTouch®

    Patented service designed to increase the effectiveness of outbound campaigns for teleservices and collections organizations.

  • “NobelBiz has been our contact center’s outbound long distance carrier of choice since 2008. When we began the relationship, we tested their LocalTouch system against our existing Caller ID tool and saw a dramatic increase in contact rates. We have continued to see higher levels of contacts than other centers with whom we compete, and have enjoyed the competitive pricing benefit of this solution as well. Their support team has been highly responsive, informative, communicative, and professional throughout our relationship. In an outbound contact center environment, the ability to make successful, clear connections with our clients’ customers is crucial to our success, which is why we continue to partner with NobelBiz” "As for our particular organization, it's clearly NobelBiz's LocalTouch service. The lift in contacts per hour made a real believer out of me and a tremendous impact on our productivity."
  • NobelBiz Cares

    We pride ourselves on providing customers with innovative, easy-to-manage carrier & contact center solutions.

  • “We get 98% resolution of issues resolved on the first call with your NOC. The other 2% are issues outside of NobelBiz which they help us resolve”

    "Their support is exceptionally good. They are attentive and extremely helpful."

    “ I’m spoiled by your service. I would recommend NobelBiz to everyone.”

    "NobelBiz support is #1. I get a real technician right away."

    "NobelBiz is more responsive than any of the other carriers."

    "They quickly understand and resolve any problems."

    "They are the entrepreneurial phone company."

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