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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

disaster recoveryLife may be unpredictable, but NobelBiz is predictably reliable.

In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, contact centers around the country were threatened. As the powerful storm swept over New York, facilities up and down the Eastern seaboard feared the worst. Within days, Hurricane Sandy became the second costliest hurricane in United States history—but not for NobelBiz customers. Despite massive flooding, destruction and damage, our customers never lost a single second of uptime.

Uptime is Everything

We understand that uptime is the key to your success, and our primary goal is the continuity of your business, which is why we partner with the world’s premier co-location facilities (in both New York and Los Angeles) to offer our customers full geographical redundancy.

Built-in Contingencies

Our disaster recovery efforts take place behind the scenes, allowing us to address crises and avert disasters before you are even aware of them. Because of our unique, cloud-based model, NobelBiz customers experience fewer failures. With SMRTTouch™, you have the ability to re-route calls to agents located anywhere in the world so that you always have a contingency plan.

Global Infrastructure Ready to Support You Anywhere and Everywhere

At NobelBiz, our robust global infrastructure supports billions of calls. We can handle massive outbound and inbound calling peaks, whether anticipated or not. If you are faced with an unexpected inbound call spike, our product engineers can quickly and conveniently scale your services to handle your new call traffic so that you never miss a call.

No matter the circumstances, our services are reliable and cost effective.


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Multi-site contact centers and BPOs can now easily generate enterprise-quality business intelligence from ANY data source possible and also enjoy a much higher level of compliance and sales conversion capabilities than ever before.

Make customer engagement decisions based on enterprise-wide data

Have centralized visibility and control across all your contact centers, BPOs and at-home agents collectively


Add an extra layer of compliance protection

Cast a wide compliance safety net across your entire customer engagement operation as far back as the carrier level


Reach outbound calling parties 30% more often

Improve outbound-calling sales conversion by automatically presenting local, familiar numbers to calling parties so they are more likely to answer the phone


Bring Carrier-Level Capabilities into your contact centers

Make more money and lower your contact center TCO with carrier-level, performance-based call routing, compliance and business intelligence


All NobelBiz solutions are modular, so you only pay for what you need - nothing more. You can pick and choose precisely which solutions, features and capabilities you require.