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Student loan organizations like yours employ both inbound and outbound calling campaigns to enlist new applicants and service the needs of existing clients. With these efforts, you need to be able to reach as many called parties as possible to boost your closure rate, while also ensuring compliance with all relevant industry regulations.

Industry13These laws limit who you can call, when and how many times, and therefore have the potential to significantly hamper your calling efforts and bring unwanted penalties.

This is where NobleBiz comes in. We have Inbound and Outbound calling suites to help you address all of these needs.


Our NobelBiz Shield suite of compliance solutions helps you reach your calling parties upwards of 30 percent more often, all while maintaining compliance with those regulations which impact your business.

This comprehensive suite includes:

LocalTouch® – Presents local/familiar numbers so called parties are more likely to answer the phone

SingleTouch® – TCPA compliant contact solution

MobileTouch® – Prevents cell phone calling violations

RightTouch® – Prevents time zone violations and offers a frequency filter to avoid over-calling

These solutions are designed to keep your outbound calling campaigns going while minimizing or eliminating any exposure to violations.


When answering incoming calls, you want to quickly and successfully address your callers’ needs so you can sign them up for a student loan or address any other questions or concerns.

Right now you may be relying solely on an IVR to route calls to the most appropriate agent. With the help of NobelBiz and its SMRT Touch intelligent call routing software, you can:

  • Significantly improve the precision with which those calls are now routed.
  • Intelligently transfers calls to the most available and trained agent from our multi-site, intelligent routing ACD or IVR.
  • Determine how and when incoming calls are routed. You have full control over which criteria you choose and under what conditions.
  • Have calls automatically routed based on the combination of availability, skill set, location and call volume, for example.
  • Route calls across multiple sites, locations, BPOs and even at-home agents so you can essentially create and route to a single pool of collective agents regardless of where they are (even if they work for one of your BPOs).

This way, you have the best agent handing each call that comes in, and this leads to increased closure rates.


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Multi-site contact centers and BPOs can now easily generate enterprise-quality business intelligence from ANY data source possible and also enjoy a much higher level of compliance and sales conversion capabilities than ever before.

Make customer engagement decisions based on enterprise-wide data

Have centralized visibility and control across all your contact centers, BPOs and at-home agents collectively


Add an extra layer of compliance protection

Cast a wide compliance safety net across your entire customer engagement operation as far back as the carrier level


Reach outbound calling parties 30% more often

Improve outbound-calling sales conversion by automatically presenting local, familiar numbers to calling parties so they are more likely to answer the phone


Bring Carrier-Level Capabilities into your contact centers

Make more money and lower your contact center TCO with carrier-level, performance-based call routing, compliance and business intelligence


All NobelBiz solutions are modular, so you only pay for what you need - nothing more. You can pick and choose precisely which solutions, features and capabilities you require.