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IVR (Carrier-Level)

IVRs are pervasive in contact centers today, spanning all industries. However, many of these systems cause more harm than good when they are inflexible, difficult to navigate and frustrate your customers. You want a solution which is easily customizable and does what it is supposed to do, direct your callers to the right agent.

Easy Control over your own IVR

Driven by our own telecom network at the switch carrier level, the NobelBiz SMRT IVR allows you to quickly and easily create message prompts and DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) selection menus using a web-based SMRT IVR scripting tool to establish DNIS selection menus and routing rules to designated campaigns. You can configure your routing rules to deliver calls to your contact center as well as overflow facilities and alternate contact centers including your BPOs and even at-home agents.


  • Define specific Dynamic Number Identification Service (DNIS) phone numbers to be routed to specific inbound campaigns
  • Inbound calls are automatically routed and queued to the designated inbound campaign
  • Seamlessly blend agents between outbound and inbound calls
  • Once the incoming call is selected, the call is delivered to the agent
  • When the call comes in, the contact screen is populated with the information in the campaign database in real time, as the system automatically looks up the record based on the Automated Number Identification (ANI)
  • Traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Interactive Chat response for autoreply and routing of chat requests (through NobelBiz partnership)
  • Interactive SMS Response for autoreply and routing of SMS messages
  • A powerful drag-and-drop visual interface scripting tool for creating DTMF menu driven selection logic, data input and query logic, mathematical calculation and Boolean logic
  • Voice prompt recording and message management
  • Tools for incorporating external enterprise data into session variables using both Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and SOAP based web service calls
  • Options for incorporating both Text to Speech and Speech recognition


Our IVR includes self-service options which enable your customers to interact with your contact center using voice, email, SMS, chat, and mobile applications. The IVR leverages the innovative features of our easy to us drag-and-drop Scripter design tool, campaign manager and telephony and media services.


Using the contact scripting development tool, designers can create menu-based selections, data driven, web service and skill-based routing logic to ensure the best contact center resource will address the customer’s need.

Learn more about our Performance-Based Call Routing.


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Multi-site contact centers and BPOs can now easily generate enterprise-quality business intelligence from ANY data source possible and also enjoy a much higher level of compliance and sales conversion capabilities than ever before.

Make customer engagement decisions based on enterprise-wide data

Have centralized visibility and control across all your contact centers, BPOs and at-home agents collectively


Add an extra layer of compliance protection

Cast a wide compliance safety net across your entire customer engagement operation as far back as the carrier level


Reach outbound calling parties 30% more often

Improve outbound-calling sales conversion by automatically presenting local, familiar numbers to calling parties so they are more likely to answer the phone


Bring Carrier-Level Capabilities into your contact centers

Make more money and lower your contact center TCO with carrier-level, performance-based call routing, compliance and business intelligence


All NobelBiz solutions are modular, so you only pay for what you need - nothing more. You can pick and choose precisely which solutions, features and capabilities you require.