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Sales Conversion

NobelBiz is changing the inbound/outbound calling game. Now, you can regain your lost productivity and start converting a higher level of sales, despite the new laws.

Due to the new outbound dialing regulations imposed by the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), your agent productivity has gone way down. What used to be five to seven hours of actual talking time with prospects a day (per agent), is now down to barely that amount per week.  What can you do to remain compliant while connecting and converting like you did before?

De Facto Sales Conversion Tool to Combat Calling Restrictions

Employ the award-winning, patented LocalTouch™ in your contact center and join over 50 percent of all outbound dialing agencies (and hundreds of thousands of agents) who already use it to boost their contact rates by upwards of 30 percent or more. LocalTouch™ is dominating the outbound market and is very much the de facto standard in the contact center industry right now in terms of tripling outbound-agent productivity and converting more sales with far less dialing.

If you aren’t using this powerful sales conversion tool today, you are selling yourself way short and running at a sub-optimal sales level.

We offer other highly proven tools to help you convert more sales opportunities by:

  • Optimizing your sales processes and conversion capabilities with elite precision by uncovering invaluable and quite telling sales trends like never before. You can easily create compelling sales data visualizations in minutes.
  • Connect your best customers to your best agents while also significantly reducing abandonment rates. Our predictive dialing algorithm empowers your contact center with far greater output and dialing precision than ever before.



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Multi-site contact centers and BPOs can now easily generate enterprise-quality business intelligence from ANY data source possible and also enjoy a much higher level of compliance and sales conversion capabilities than ever before.

Make customer engagement decisions based on enterprise-wide data

Have centralized visibility and control across all your contact centers, BPOs and at-home agents collectively


Add an extra layer of compliance protection

Cast a wide compliance safety net across your entire customer engagement operation as far back as the carrier level


Reach outbound calling parties 30% more often

Improve outbound-calling sales conversion by automatically presenting local, familiar numbers to calling parties so they are more likely to answer the phone


Bring Carrier-Level Capabilities into your contact centers

Make more money and lower your contact center TCO with carrier-level, performance-based call routing, compliance and business intelligence


All NobelBiz solutions are modular, so you only pay for what you need - nothing more. You can pick and choose precisely which solutions, features and capabilities you require.