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Carrier Services

telco servicesUnlike other contact center solutions providers, NobelBiz has developed and actively manages its own purpose-built telecom network designed specifically to serve the high volume and complex nature of multi-site contact centers using world-class facilities with multiple levels of redundancy.

Handling well over 1 billion calls each month, we provide origination and termination carrier services, including:

  • TDM
  • SIP
  • Toll Free
  • International

Helping Large Contact Centers

These telco services are designed specifically for large contact center operations.

  • Our robust global infrastructure allows us to support massive outbound (collections, political, proactive customer service) and inbound calling peaks (customer Service, direct response, technical support), reliably and cost effectively.
  • Through our world-class network, we also offer SMRT Touch™ dynamic call routing and LocalTouch® award winning caller ID solutions designed to boost called party answer rates.

Enhancing your Existing Infrastructure

NobelBiz Enhanced Carrier Services are designed to overcome the technical hurdles between our customers’ infrastructure and the demands of the contact center. Enhanced Carrier Services allow you to continue using your existing equipment while seamlessly layering on advanced contact center tools from our carrier cloud contact center solution. The delivery, set-up and pricing model offer significant advantages over premise-based and competitor-hosted solutions.

Offering both inbound and outbound carrier services, NobelBiz provides reliable, scalable call transport to contact centers globally.

Termination Services

NobelBiz termination services enable high call volume outbound contact centers to more effectively handle interactions with their clients.

  1. We offer significantly higher calls per second (CPS) than other carriers to manage the demands of very large teleservices and collections firms.
  2. We do not charge short duration surcharges.
  3. Through our global network, we offer domestic, foreign and inter-state calling.

Carrier Network

Like most contact centers, you will invariably experience times of peak calling activity. This is not a problem. Our carrier network scales to handle significant peaks and provides flexibility in the ways that an enterprise manages inbound calls. Combined with our origination services, NobelBiz offers user-managed call routing.

Smart Call Routing

SMRT Call Routing enables customers to dynamically manage inbound call routing based on rules such as time of day, service level breach and disaster recovery. Taken together, origination services and SMRT enable customers to more effectively handle unification among distributed centers, center consolidation, outsourcing, and significant peaks in volume.

  • Outbound services with high CPS, zero short duration surcharges and LocalTouch® dynamic caller ID management
  • Inbound services that manage significant peaks, dynamic call routing, and business continuity
  • Carrier services which enable our customers to more effectively scale their business to manage service levels and deliver high quality customer interaction.


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Multi-site contact centers and BPOs can now easily generate enterprise-quality business intelligence from ANY data source possible and also enjoy a much higher level of compliance and sales conversion capabilities than ever before.

Make customer engagement decisions based on enterprise-wide data

Have centralized visibility and control across all your contact centers, BPOs and at-home agents collectively


Add an extra layer of compliance protection

Cast a wide compliance safety net across your entire customer engagement operation as far back as the carrier level


Reach outbound calling parties 30% more often

Improve outbound-calling sales conversion by automatically presenting local, familiar numbers to calling parties so they are more likely to answer the phone


Bring Carrier-Level Capabilities into your contact centers

Make more money and lower your contact center TCO with carrier-level, performance-based call routing, compliance and business intelligence


All NobelBiz solutions are modular, so you only pay for what you need - nothing more. You can pick and choose precisely which solutions, features and capabilities you require.